Whole Foods Market to Host Educational Beauty Product Swap

Whole Foods

Austin, TX—In response to a survey showing consumer confusion surrounding beauty products, a press release says, Whole Foods Market will host the Whole Foods Market Beauty Swap on Saturday, March 30, as an effort to educate consumers about the ingredients found in common beauty and body care products. Consumers can visit select Whole Foods Market locations from 8 a.m.–9 a.m. local time and trade in an empty beauty or body product container for a limited-edition Whole Foods Market Beauty Bag.

The survey conducted by Whole Foods Market revealed that one-third of consumers are not familiar with ingredients found in conventional beauty products such as parabens, microbeads and formaldehydes. The survey found that more than half of consumers do not read beauty and body care labels before buying.

Whole Foods Market’s survey also revealed that 74% of consumers either are not sure or do not think regulations exist for “organic” labeling of beauty and body care products. The grocer wants to ease the process of considering controversial ingredients and reading labels for consumers, by developing strict Body Care Standards and requiring third-party certification for all of their personal care products that are labeled “organic.”

“These findings on consumer perceptions and buying habits showcase a continued need for broader awareness around better-for-you beauty and body care ingredients,” said Jen Coccaro, director of merchandising for Whole Body, in the press release.

For more information, including related sales and the list of stores taking part in the swap, go here.