WholeFoods To Launch Mobile Site

South Plainfield, NJ—This fall, WholeFoods Magazine will debut a mobile version of its Web site, www.wholefoodsmagazine.com.

Designed around the unique needs of the mobile community, the site offers smart-phone users the ability to read news, features and blogs with ease. For instance, readers won’t face long download times and can easily interface with social media sites. Built by Digital Earth Network, the mobile site also features a tool for locating natural products businesses within a given radius of one’s zip code or city.

Says WholeFoods Publisher Heather Wainer, “We are always trying to find better ways to serve our readers and analyzing what can do to improve WholeFoods Magazine. This mobile site will make acessing WholeFoods easier for reading on the go.”


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, August 2012 (online 7/13/12)