AAK USA Showcases New Flavors of Shortening Flakes

Edison, NJ—AAK USA Inc. recently showcased new flavored shortening flakes developed with sweet baked goods manufacturers in mind, according to a press release.

The flaked shortenings are now available in orange and vanilla.

Dr. James Jones, VP of customer innovation at AAK, said, “In addition to delivering phenomenal flavor and color stability, flakes are much easier for Warehousing and Production to handle and incorporate into dough and dry mixes than traditional packaged shortening. This translates into reductions in labor cost, waste, and processing time for customers.”

AAK’s suggestions for sweet baked goods were chiffon snack cakes, using orange and vanilla flavored flakes with a dry cake mix, and apple turnovers, in which the pie dough makes use of butter flavor flakes.

The company also suggests that their flakes could be used in any baked goods, such as pizza crust.

AAK provides value-adding vegetable oils and fats for use across a wide range of industries. It uses a co-development approach to meld customers’ skills with the company’s capabilities.