Branded Ingredient May Improve Memory Recall

Migdal HaEmeq, Israel—Clinical Interventions in Aging has published data indicating that elderly individuals with memory recall problems may benefit from taking a omega 3–phosphatidylserine (PS) product.

Researchers based in Israel gave the PS–omega 3 (300 mg PS, 37.5 EPA/DHA, as SharpThought from Country Life, which contains Sharp-PS Gold from Enzymotec, based here) to eight volunteers older than 60 who complained of memory problems. No one in the group had been taking any cognitive health drugs or supplements. Various assessments judged the quality of their memory and attention.

One finding was that word recall after a delay was significantly improved (42% increase), though immediate recall was unaffected; mood parameters such as alertness also remained unchanged. Given these positive results, the researchers say the results of this pilot study could help plan a larger trial investigating the benefits of PS–omega 3s in the elderly.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, January 2011 (published ahead of print on 11/19/2010)