Embria Adds Christie Rampone To Its Team

Embria Health Sciences just added four Olympic medals and one World Cup championship to its team.

The provider of safe and science-based dietary supplement ingredients to the global marketplace, Embria, which manufactures the immune strength ingredient EpiCor, recently signed Christie Rampone, U.S. soccer star, as a spokesperson.

“I started taking EpiCor before the 2013 Algarve Cup, which is always a tough tournament due to the tough winter weather, demanding travel, and fierce competition,” says Rampone, the captain of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. “This year, I felt great…so much better than during prior Algarve's, and the only difference to my regimen this time was taking EpiCor. That's what made me a true believer in EpiCor."

The partnership will include name and likeness rights as well as innovative public relations campaigns and grass roots social media and social network efforts, handled by The Abbi Agency in Reno, NV.

“Christie is someone who is both relatable and inspirational,” says Doug Reyes, Embria’s sales and marketing manager. “As a wife and busy mother of two who tries to balance home life and work life, Christie can relate the message of the importance of maintaining a strong immune system to millions of working men and women who struggle to hold it all together.”

“What makes this relationship powerful is that Christie became a fan of EpiCor first before agreeing to endorse the ingredient,” adds Reyes.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, September 2013 (online 7/15/13)