Grape Seed Extract Lessens Effect of High-Fat/Carb Meal

Madera, CA—U.C. Davis researchers have found that a branded grape seed extract (GSE) enhances antioxidant status and reduces the body’s glycemic response after a high-fat, high-carb meal.

A group of 12 individuals fasted overnight and then ate a meal high in fat and carbs. Individuals took a GSE capsule (300 mg, as MegaNatural Gold from Polyphenolic, Inc., based here) an hour before eating. Changes in insulin, oxidative stress and markers in inflammation were measured every hour for six hours. They switched to a placebo before eating the same breakfast another day.

In the end, the supplement was associated with increased hydrophilic ORAC values and less of a blood sugar spike.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, June 2013 (online 4/25/13)