Krill Oil Benefits Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Oslo, Norway—Krill oil has received a lot of attention lately as another way to boost one’s DHA/EPA intake. Now, industry has additional data to draw on about the benefits of krill oil for joint health.

International researchers representing various firms (MD Biosciences Gmbh Postfach, Aker BioMarine USA and Clanet Ltd.) designed a small animal study in which arthritic mice were given one of three diets: a control diet, a diet supplemented with krill oil (0.44 g/100 g of EPA/DHA) or a diet supplemented with fish oil (0.47 g/100 g of EPA/DHA). Over the course of the study, researchers analyzed their joints and blood serum levels for the expression of pro-inflammatory response agents.

The group found positive results with respect to krill oil consumption, which “significantly reduced the arthritis scores and hind paw swelling when compared to a control diet not supplemented with EPA and DHA.” This group had less inflammation cells in their joints.

The krill oil used in the study was a branded ingredient (Superba Krill Oil from Aker BioMarine, based here).

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2010 (published ahead of print September 24, 2010)