Magnesium Supplement Helps Cystic Fibrosis Patients

St. Clair Shores, MI—Those caring for loved ones with cystic fibrosis (CF) are often desperate for ways to keep the air passages clear and open. Now, new research suggests magnesium supplementation could be of some help. CF is a serious, life threatening genetic disease that causes thick mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive tract, leading to lung disease.

Researchers gave 44 children and adolescents with CF 300 mg of oral magnesium bisglycinate chelate (from Albion Human Nutrition, based here) or a placebo everyday for two months. There was a one-month washout period before crossover. The group continued their conventional CF treatment during the study and their respiratory muscle strength (using maximal inspiratory pressure [MIP] and maximal expiratory pressure [MEP]) and urinary magnesium levels were evaluated.

The group noted an increase in respiratory muscle strength after the intervention in the magnesium group, whereas the placebo group only experience slight increases. Thus, the researchers believe magnesium bisglycinate chelate oral supplementation and traditional CF therapy can help improve clinical results in CF patients.

These data are published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, January 2013 (online 11/26/12)