Originates Refutes Fish Oil Inaccuracies

Sunrise, FL—In mid-December, an article published in The New York Times indicated that fish oil supplements are part of the reason for the depleting supplies of menhaden, a type of herring “upon which the entire Atlantic coastal ecosystem relies.” Originates, a fish oil concentrate supplier based here, put out a statement to address this misinformation, which Leslie van der Meulen, director of sales, stated could discourage shoppers from taking fish oil.

Most companies, like Originates, source their oils from small species of fish like anchovies and sardines that reproduce quickly and have a short life span. This ensures better purity from pollutants and far less environmental impact than using larger fish, says the firm. And, these companies abide by the fishing boundaries established by international organizations.


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, Feb. 2010