Research Shows Dietary Lipids Reduce Appetite

Parsippany, NJ—A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed a weight-loss ingredient that combines oat and palm oils may reduce a person’s appetite.

In the controlled, double-blind, cross-over-designed study, 16 people of a healthy weight took a supplement with the appetite-controlling ingredient (Fabuless from DSM Nutritional Products, based here) and a control milk fat. The fat derived from the product resisted absorption, which doubled the amount of lipids coming “from the upper gastro-intestinal tract to the sampling site in the small intestine. The higher amount of lipids in the middle section of the small intestine and the presence of fatty acid crystals offer coherent evidence for enhanced appetite control through the ileal brake mechanism,” according to the company.

The combination of oat and palm oils, which are naturally occurring dietary lipids, were found to regulate the appetite by sending “appetite satisfied” messages to the brain.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, October 2010