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Carnipure™—Purity You Can Trust

Carnipure™ is the premium grade of L-carnitine manufactured by the Swiss life-science company Lonza. The Carnipure™ brand and quality seal stand for expertise and high reputation in the production of quality nutrition products. L-carnitine, which plays an important role in energy metabolism, is essential for transporting long-chain fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane for subsequent fat breakdown and energy generation1,2.

More than 40 years of science demonstrates L-carnitine’s ability to help support the body in a number of ways3. Once inside the mitochondria, Carnipure™ L-carnitine releases fatty acids, which are broken down through a process called beta-oxidation for the production of ATP, or energy. Therefore, the role of Carnipure™ L-carnitine fat metabolism can be easily summarized: it turns fat into energy.

Recovery after Exercise
Carnipure™ L-carnitine plays a critical role in converting your body’s fat into the fuel you need. An increasing body of research shows that Carnipure™ L-carnitine aids exercise performance. For recovery, daily Carnipure™ L-carnitine consumption prior to high-intensity exercise can reduce muscle pain/damage4. Carnipure™ L-carnitine may improve blood flow during and following exercise5. Therefore, it helps reduce the hypoxic or damaging effects created during exercise5.

Weight Management
As Carnipure™ supplementation can optimize fatty acid oxidation, it helps stimulate a return to healthy body weight. Research has demonstrated the ability of Carnipure™ tartrate to encourage weight loss, BMI and body fat in obese adolescents as part of a weight management program6. It is well documented that in order to lose weight, energy expenditure has to be greater than energy intake. As fatty acids enter the mitochondria to be processed, they are transported via L-carnitine. Without
L-carnitine, long-chain fatty acids are not broken down by the mitochondria for energy expenditure. Therefore, Carnipure™ L-carnitine can play an important role as part of a weight-loss program that includes energy restriction and exercise6.

Cardiovascular Health
Proper heart function relies on high efficiency of energy conversion, in which L-carnitine is directly involved. Because the heart has a small capacity for both the synthesis and storage of fatty acids, it relies mainly on fatty acid supply from the blood for proper function. Before the breakdown of these long-chain fatty acids takes place inside the mitochondria, they have to be transported across the mitochondrial membrane. This is where L-carnitine comes into play due to its function of carrying these fatty acids across the mitochondria membrane for beta-oxidation and ultimately ATP generation.

About Carnipure™ L-carnitine
The proprietary and fully backward-integrated Carnipure™ production process was invented by Lonza scientists in Switzerland. It directly produces the L-isomer of carnitine, the form found in nature.

Under the Carnipure™ brand, Lonza offers the following products:
• Carnipure™ crystalline
• Carnipure™ tartrate

Carnipure™ crystalline is pure L-carnitine, whereas Carnipure™ tartrate is a salt of 68% L-carnitine and 32% L-tartaric acid, which is the highest L-carnitine concentration of any currently commercially available non-hygroscopic salt form.

Carnipure™ products are bright white, pH- and heat stable, highly water soluble and form­ colorless solutions. They can be used in dietary supplements in the form of tablets, capsules, powders, effervescents, as well as in beverages, bars, dairy and other food products.

Carnipure™ crystalline and Carnipure™ tartrate are self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). Carnipure™ tartrate is considered safe for daily consumption by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and approved by the Japanese MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare).

Carnipure™ crystalline and Carnipure™ tartrate are:
• ISO 9001:2008 and FSSC 22000:2010 certified
• Kosher and Halal certified
• Allergen free
• Fully traceable

The Carnipure™ Quality Seal signifies:
• Unique production process.
• Outstanding quality control.
• Evidenced-based ingredients.

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Published in WholeFoods Magazine, October 2013