The Natural View: The Latest Research on the Benefits of Dietary Fiber

The Natural View on Dietary Fiber with FutureCeuticals

In this episode of The Natural View, Todd Pauli of 24 Stories Marketing and Maggie Jaqua of WholeFoods Magazine talk with Brendan Kesler, R&D Innovation Director for Van Drunen Farms and FutureCeuticals.

Learn about the role of dietary fiber, bound polyphenols, and gut health.

Kesler explains:

  • Why we don’t typically get enough fiber in our diets. 
  • The best way to increase fiber in the diet.
  • Different types of fiber commercially available.
  • The road polyphenols play in how dietary fiber impacts gut health.
  • How the ingredient NatureKnit fit sin to the growing world of pre, pro, and post-biotics.
  • …and more!

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