Acacia Subsidiary Eufloria Enters Hemp Research Partnership with Tennessee State University

Clearwater, FL—Acacia Diversified Holdings, Inc. announced in a press release that their subsidiary, Eufloria Medical of Tennessee, has entered into a hemp research partnership with Tennessee State University (TSU).

The release says that Eufloria will be manufacturing material for the university. Eufloria is a vertically-integrated hemp operation.

The research partnership aims to create a safe and chemical-free vehicle to obtain the health benefits of the whole-hemp plant into virtually anything from food and beverages to topical creams, according to the release. The TSU research could produce innovative ways to obtain whole plant extract.

Kim Edwards, VP and COO of Acacia, said in the release, “We wanted to work on something meaningful, we are doing this because we want people to feel better and contribute significantly to making the cannabis industry more sustainable.”

Dr. Ying Wu, associate professor of food and animal science at the College of Agriculture of TSU, said in the release, “We have started working on investigation of phytochemical profiles in hemp seeds, oils, and extracts, and their related health benefits. We are aiming to develop some health promoting product using the cutting-edge technologies, and provide reliable data of nutrients and phytochemicals in different hemp varieties.”