Acquisition Of Twinlab To Invigorate Brand

New York, NY— Nutritional supplement maker Twinlab Corporation has been acquired by Twinlab Consolidation Corporation (TCC) a strategic employee-owned company.

The intention of this acquisition was to strengthen an existing brand and create new wealth by expanding distribution channels, increasing manufacturing capacity, and customer-centric management dedicated to serving the health and wellness industry, say representatives of TCC. In addition to Twinlab, TCC also manufactures and sells other health-related products.

TCC founder and CEO Tom Tolworthy adds that “In a fragmented industry, it is fundamentally difficult to influence outcomes and shepherd change. This applies to everything from government regulation to standardized raw material quality to the simple consumer desire for safe and efficacious solutions for their health needs.” He also explains that the founding of TCC and acquisition of Twinlab was a response to the rapid changes in the dietary supplement industry.

A part of the health industry since 1968, Twinlab is currently in an upswing following earlier financial woes. The company currently has a distribution range of 50,000 store outlets in over 65 countries. But even while covering such a wide spread. Tolworthy believes that a certain sector of the industry is something his company will always focus on. "Everything that happens in this industry starts with the 6,000 mom-and-pop health food stores," he explains. "They are the educators – the innovators – and they set the trends that everyone else economizes against. TCC not only wants to move along the curve of those trends, we plan to move the curve.”