CRN Applauds New Standards for Dietary Supplement Firms

Washington, D.C.—CRN applauded the creation of new ANSI-accredited standards for evaluating a dietary supplement firm’s adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) in a press release.

The release of these standards could potentially streamline third-party audit inspections by providing a single, widely accepted, and consensus-approved paradigm for evaluating a manufacturing facility’s conformity to cGMPs, the press release said. The consensus-based standards, known as the 455-ANSI-Accredited Auditing Standards, are part of a critical self-regulatory initiative developed in collaboration with The Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance, of which CRN is a member.

Megan Olsen, assistant general counsel at CRN, said, “As demand for innovative, beneficial dietary supplement products increases, responsible companies understand they increasingly need to demonstrate through the inspections and auditing programs of third parties that they do comply with the law to meet consumers’ needs. The occasional visits from FDA are not enough. By establishing a single measuring stick on which manufacturers, retailers, academics, and auditors all agree, that encompasses federal regulatory cGMP requirements as well as retailer requirements, these standards will level the field for all industry players. They can provide added assurance that each product manufactured to these obligations goes to market meeting the strict expectations of lawmakers, retailers, and consumers.”

Gisele Atkinson, VP of quality and technical affairs at CRN, said, “CRN supports additional ways for retailers and manufacturers to demonstrate compliance and transparency to produce high quality, safe products for consumers, and we also recognize the importance of aligning these industry self-regulatory initiatives. CRN encourages widespread adoption of the new standards.”