GOED’s Omega-3 Campaign Produces Positive Results

Salt Lake City, UT—The Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED) has announced that its national advertising campaign, known as “Omega-3s: Always a Good Idea,” has produced positive results in its year-over-year monthly units sold numbers, according to a press release issued by the company. This national campaign, launched earlier in 2015, was designed to offer shoppers independent information about the benefits of omega-3s.

The improvement in the year-over-year monthly unit sales of omega-3 products in the food, drug and mass channel climbed higher than the initial goal of a 3% increase. In actuality, the campaign yielded more than a 5% increase in sales of omega-3s, rising from –7.68% to –2.55%. Additionally, a survey conducted as part of the campaign shows an estimated 1–2% increase in the usage of omega-3s.

“The national campaign served as a solid proof of concept that an industry-led investment in building the category can be successful,” says Adam Ismail, executive director of GOED. “But, one of the key takeaways was that the level of industry participation and scope of financial investment were factors that limited success. Having said that, we are happy with what was achieved and believe we did well with the budget we had.”

The campaign managed to produce results amidst prominent negative media coverage about fish oils surfacing during the launch. Also, Ismail believes the campaign was underfunded. Public relations outreach from the group will continue.

For more information on GOED, visit www.goedomega3.com or www.alwaysomega3s.com to learn more about the campaign.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, October 2015(online 8/19/15)