Nevada Gov Orders Closures of Health Food Stores; NPA Responds

NPA launched a grassroots campaign to helps ensure consumers in Nevada have access to nutritional supplements, healthy foods, and other health-related products.


UPDATE April 8, 2020: As of 7:45 AM EST, the order to close health food stores has not been lifted for the state of Nevada, according to the NPA. The association told WholeFoods Magazine in an email that Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak and Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford have not changed their stances. NPA added that its grassroots effort “has gotten a tremendous amount of support” with more than 1,300 letters sent in Nevada so far. Residents who wish to participate in NPA’s grassroots campaign can get details here.

Stay Healthy! of Las Vegas took to social media to let customers know that they have been deemed essential in Las Vegas, and that the store will reopen today. A message on the Stay Healthy! website says, “Thank You to Mayor Goodman, Senator Chris Brooks and everyone who reached out to Governor Sisolak. Your voice has been heard! Stay Healthy & Strong Las Vegas!”

WholeFoods Magazine is continuing to cover the latest from Nevada and will share updates about the status of other health food stores throughout the state as that information becomes available.

Washington, D.C.—Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has ordered health food stores to close during the COVID-19 crisis, according to the Natural Products Association (NPA). NPA said in a press release that this order will restrict consumer access to a range of essential products available at health food stores, including water, electrolytes, nutritional supplements, healthy foods, and other health-related products such as hand sanitizer. NPA added that the order does not follow guidance from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

NPA outlined aspects of the DHS guidance that are relevant to health food stores and the nutritional supplement supply chain:

  • Manufacturer workers for health manufacturing (including biotechnology companies), materials and parts suppliers, logistics and warehouse operators, distributors of medical equipment (including those who test and repair), personal protective equipment (PPE), isolation barriers, medical gases, pharmaceuticals (including materials used in radioactive drugs), dietary supplements, blood and blood products, vaccines, testing materials, laboratory supplies, cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting or sterilization supplies, and tissue and paper towel products.
  • Workers supporting groceries, pharmacies, convenience stores, and other retail (including unattended and vending) that sells human food, animal/pet food and pet supply, and beverage products, including retail customer support service and information technology support staff necessary for online orders, pickup and delivery.
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“Governor Sisolak’s decision is shortsighted and inconsistent with the federal government and other states and amounts to an assault on small businesses,” said Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D., President and CEO of NPA, in the release. “We hope that is not the Governor’s intention.”

In response to the Nevada governor’s order, NPA launched a grassroots campaign, which stresses, “Amidst the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve seen firsthand the importance of supporting a healthy immune system. Proper nutrition is a cornerstone of a ‘health-first’ strategy and essential vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin C, are highly efficient ways to support your daily health and wellness…Don’t let Governor Sisolak and his accomplices take away health choices away from your family.”

To participate in NPA’s grassroots campaign, go here.

UPDATE April 7, 2020: Stay Healthy! of Las Vegas shared on its website that the store was forced to close, telling customers: Due to a Mandate issued by Governor Sisolak we are considered NON-Essential, contrary to Federal Guidelines, and had to temporarily CLOSE our doors. We need your help! Please call Governor Sisolak at (775) 684-5670 or to State of Nevada Homepage to at least allow Curbside Pick Up for us.


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  1. Unfortunately although the article suggests we should write the Nevada Governor, the message cannot be sent unless you enter a Nevada address.

  2. Governor Sisolak obviously has no idea how much families with multiple food allergies, chemical sensitivities, and other health conditions depend on health food stores. Our local grocery store carries very few organic items, no grass-fed beef, and almost no gluten-free items. He needs a good education in health and wellness. Even Mexican officials recognize this pandemic is due to decades or poor nutrition. SMH

  3. You can always write a snail mail note or post card to: Grant Sawyer State Office Building 555 East Washington Ave, Suite 5100. Las Vegas, NV 89101. Phone: (702) 486-2500. Fax: (702) 486-2505

  4. Wow just crazy we need our health food stores for various medical issues plus staying healthy with the benefits of our health food stores Shame on you Governor

  5. This is not right at all. Health food, supplements, natural remedies, essential oils and more are all pertinent especially NOW! So, with this you are basically making people go to Walmart to buy lesser quality items like this. I want an explanation of how Walmart is safer to walk into co.pared to a small health food shop and vitamin shop!

  6. Seems to me the governor didn’t try to shut down Walmart or any other large company store chain for one reason: MONEY!! THEY WOULD NOT STAND FOR IT! They would crush him & his stupid career!!

  7. Cannot believe construction projects in Vegas and elsewhere in NV are allowed to continue but health food stores must close. Many get lite meals, healthy drinks, as well as natural ways to relieve stress during these emotionally trying times.

    Spring Valley long-term resident

  8. What better place to frequent during a health crisis than a health food store? Nevada, you elected this loser. Do something about it.

  9. There are many people that need to eat organic foods that are not sprayed with pesticides. Natural foods with no nitrates, chemicals or dyes. Gluten free and grass free options are vital to so many as well as access to QUALITY supplements and vitamins. The regular stores do not carry this!

  10. It just doesn’t make sense! Other markets are still open following all the safe guidelines..I hope he retracts this order to close..

  11. We need our health food stores open especially for those with special needs for the specialty foods and supplements that we have been taking for a long time.. It is hard to find quality in the regular market or even find some of the foods or products. This is a really bad idea, not enough thought given to this issue.

  12. This is so wrong in so many ways. It is a grocery store and health supplement store and now is not the time to take that away from those who have specific food allergies or need specific organic or blended supplements. You would think that if Gov. Szyslak was so concerned he would suggest more help for those who are providing the additional support people with special needs have to have.

  13. Have your employees sign the recall rosters…you can find these we have 45 days left in the effort. This is not right and Whole Foods is no different than Raleys or Safeway as the grocery retail is concerned, other than they focus on organic foods and personal products…this is not right and needs to be fought.

  14. Warehouses are still open (and allowed to be) with non essential products. Why would he close health food stores?

  15. Please come into alignment with the reality that we are humans and have various needs. Some desire high quality foods and vitamins that nourish the body as opposed to poisoned gmo factory food. So, if this is the agenda to take away our rights and imprison us, we as humans cannot stand for this.

  16. I hope at least they can either do phone-mail order or porch dropoff. At least there are online stores like Thrive market, but there’s nothing like the local health food stores.

  17. Never ever thought I would see the day when a Governor WOULD ALLOW POLITICS ENTER INTO HIS ARENA OF MANDATE regarding the purchase of food products. Here it is folks, the absurd POLITICAL control of food choices….. what does this say to us “land of the free”……socialism…..collect a designated food allotment on such and such a day……..HIS TYRANNICAL CONTROL OF HEALTH FOOD STORES WILL NOT BE TAKEN LIGHTLY! I see a class action suit coming….wish it could be against this governor, but unfortunately it will be against the State of Nevada!

  18. Vote!! Vote this Governor out!! That is the only way to correct this! No I have never posted on your site!!!

  19. It is almost as if our state government doesn’t want us to protect ourselves during this pandemic. While doctors are encouraging us to bump up our intake of essential vitamins to strengthen our immunity, the governor and atty general have taken measures to prevent is stop is from obtaining such items. It is a clear instance of state abrogating federal law…when the DHS has deemed natural food stores essential, the state cannot restrict them.

  20. Please Govenor Sisolack reconsider letting health food stores stay open. People need healthy options during this time of crisis.

  21. Small businesses offering essential merchandise for helping residents to stay healthy and utilize preventative products, are needed as much or more than larger stores.

  22. I was at the Whole Foods in Reno this morning, and it was business as usual. I had no issues doing my shopping, and none of the employees knew anything about the Governor’s “order.”


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