NMI Publishes 2019 Supplements/OTC/Rx Consumer Trends Report

Harleysville, PA—Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) has published its 2019 Supplements/OTC/Rx Consumer Trends Report which, according to a press release, involves over 150 pages of consumer attitudes, behaviors, and product usage patterns surrounding dietary supplements, over-the-counter medication and pharmaceuticals.

The release notes that this is the 8th edition of the report, which uncovers how consumers integrate a mix of self-care methods into the current lifestyle and reveals the motivations and challenges they encounter in the pursuit of health.

According to the release, there are a variety of factors influencing consumer behaviors in specific categories. For instance: aging drives condition-specific needs; increased consumer knowledge drives sustainable, organic, and plant-based options.

The overall objectives of the report, the release says, are to develop unique and specific consumer insight to maximize client learnings and opportunities in terms of attracting new consumers, increasing compliance, and developing compelling messaging and communications strategies.

Some of the topics covered are new trends, consumer nutrition and health goals, willingness to pay a premium for certain supplement attributes, and issues when using supplements among supplement users.

The release says that supplement use has remained relatively stable over the past five years, and consumers are looking for more natural solutions to their health issues and show high likelihood to use supplements for a range of issues.

For more details and to order the report, go here.