NPA Opposes Proposed MA Bill to Ban Minors from Purchasing Certain Supplements

Washington, D.C. – The Natural Products Association (NPA) is opposing a bill that Massachusetts state representative Kay Kahn is proposing, according to a press release. The new law would ban minors from purchasing certain nutritional supplements such as protein powders, thermogenics, and lipotropics.

Natural supplements aid in health and are derived from healthy foods that are legal to consume, the NPA notes. Protein, thermogenics and lipotropics are found in many different foods and drinks: Coffee, green tea, and bean soup contain thermogenics, and beef, chicken, turkey and fish all contain lipotropics.

Certain Massachusetts staples, such as Boston Bean soup and cod fish, contain these ingredients, and are not illegal, the NPA points out. Minors living in Massachusetts would not be allowed to purchase Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s line of protein, yet minors country-wide can.

The NPA feels that this ban will be detrimental to consumers and small businesses. Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D., president and CEO of NPA, notes, “Nutritional supplements are simply natural ingredients found in foods, and restricting access to them is unfair to Massachusetts consumers, hurts responsible retailers and drains the state budget through lost sales taxes. Nobody wins.”

This bill, which can be read here, has led to many letters in opposition and, according to the NPA, has created a public outcry. The NPA states that it will continue to oppose the legislation and attend any hearings that deal with this bill.