Survey: Consumers Say Sleep Most Important Factor in Healthy Skin

Secaucus, NJ—Skincare consumers believe sleep and nutrition are the most important factors in healthy skin, according to a study undertaken by Lycored.

A press release regarding the study says that Lycored surveyed over 500 users of skincare products in six different countries. 98% agreed with the statement “Good nutrition is necessary to achieve a healthy glow.” Regarding which factors were likely to provide skin with a healthy glow, 66% said getting the right amount of sleep and 65% said healthy diet/nutrition. Skin hydration only hit 56%, and topical skincare products were only important to 39%.

The press release says that the survey asked respondents to rank four foods in order of how likely the foods were to give their skin a healthy glow. 79% ranked vitamin-E rich foods in either first or second place, and 65% ranked carotenoid-rich foods in either first or second place. Foods rich in collagen were only ranked first or second by 46% of respondents.

Zev Ziegler, head of global brand & marketing in health at Lycored, said in the release: “Consumers are looking for a healthy glow but they know they can’t always get it from a tube. Increasingly they understand the link between wellness factors, such as getting the right amount of sleep and eating a balanced diet, in achieving healthy, radiant skin.”