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Indena spotlights research

Indena presented its research in collaboration with the University of Camerino at a conference held by the university. The theme of the conference was the 30-year collaboration between the brand and institution. Research spanned the topics of cannabinoids, taxanes, and other plants. The projects released have brought innovation in research and in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical market and offer concrete examples of successful cooperation.

ADM environmental project recognized

Environment + Energy Leader magazine has recognized the Illinois Basin – Decatur Project, a partnership between ADM and the Illinois Geological Survey at the University of Illinois, as a Top Project of the Year for 2022. The award honors exceptional work across the energy and environmental sectors. The project marks the first successful completion of a pure storage carbon capture and storage (CCS) project, according to a press release. It confirmed the ability of Mt. Simon Sandstone to safely store one million metric tons of CO2 over a period of three years. This is the equivalent of annual emissions from about 200,000 passenger cars, according to the U.S. EPA calculator.

Bioenergy Life Science RiaGev supports energy

BLS shared the results of its pilot study on RiaGev. The findings were published in the journal, Nutrients. RiaGev trial results show an increase in NAD, ATP, and glutathione production. Results included improvements in overall energy, sleep and insulin sensitivity. Multi-patented RiaGev is a proprietary combination of Bioenergy Ribose and nicotinamide to promote healthy aging. The researchers determined that 1,520 mg of RiaGev twice daily significantly increased NAD+ metabolome, including NAD+, NADP+ and NADPH. It increased glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant. It reduced levels of cortisol, and significantly reduced overall blood glucose without significant changes in insulin secretion. The company said this suggestsimproved insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.

Rodale Institute supports farmers

Rodale Institute shared the news that it has received a $1 million donation from The GIANT Company. The funds were raised through The GIANT Company’s Healing Our Planet campaign, which ran from March 1 to May 31. Customers rounded up their checkout purchases to the nearest dollar at Giant, Martin’s and Giant Heirloom Market stores. This funding will go towards supporting the Rodale Institute Farmer Training Program, as well as farmer consulting services, education projects, and research studies.

GELITA product earns claim in Japan

The company announced that its VERISOL collagen peptides have been awarded a Foods with Function Claim (FFC) for skin elasticity in Japan. Food and beverage manufacturers using these Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP) can now claim on packaging that the product contains VERISOL Collagen Peptides, which are reported to maintain skin elasticity and support skin health.

Prenexus Health educates on prebiotics

The company released an infographic on prebiotic ingredients. With the global prebiotic market expected to reach $8.34 Billion by 2026 (CAGR of 10.1%), formulation of prebiotic products is surging. Differences between prebiotic ingredients can affect formulation, efficacy, and product claims. The free infographic offers a roadmap to understanding these differences.

RedLeaf Biologics, Inc. scales up

The company has planted over 300 acres of its patented RedNatural sorghum across central Kentucky. Since 2015, Kentucky farmers have acted as key partners with RedLeaf to establish an entirely new agricultural value chain in the state. The scale of this year’s planted acreage represents a significant step forward for RedLeaf and its growers, according to a press release.

Purity Coffee rebrands

The new product rebranding is designed to better highlight the company’s mission to improve the world’s health, one cup of coffee at a time. Purity Coffee’s team unveiled a new packaging to suit the renaming of its selection of coffees, with the addition of a new roast. The change aligns with Purity’s mission to provide people access to specialty-grade, mold-free, antioxidant-rich, and organic coffees. The rebranding also marks another milestone for the brand, as it launches its lightest roast (medium-light), Protect, so-named after its liver health benefits. Protect also has the highest antioxidant levels among the four.

Rowdy Mermaid expands

The company celebrated the expansion of its operations and finance team, as well as an expanded sales team and new broker relationship. The additions include Matt Opperman as Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer; Dan Olson as VP of Sales; and Robyn Kinstle as Director of Sales, West. To drive accelerated growth in the natural and conventional channels, Rowdy also forged a partnership with Impact Group. The expansion comes as the company experiences distribution gains across the U.S. with its innovative portfolio of two distinct beverage lines: Kombucha and Adaptonic sparkling tonics crafted with functional mushrooms.

Divaks focuses on insect-derived ingredients

The food-tech company raised seed funding to develop its sustainable insect-derived ingredients. It is using the yellow mealworm to create protein ingredients that can be used in products including meat alternatives, sports nutrition, snacks, and confectionery. The yellow mealworm provides a complete protein source containing all essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, the company said. Having now completed a second round of seed funding, the company is finalizing the launch of its own pilot manufacturing facility. The funds will be used to secure Novel Food authorization with the European Commission. The company recently signed a Novel Food Dossier (NFD) licensing agreement with Protix that covers whole dried mealworms and whole mealworm powder.

Probiotical looks to newer probiotic categories

The Italian-based company has renewed its focus on helping U.S. companies prepare for demand in newer probiotic categories. The brand has more than 60 strains and more than 300 custom blends currently in production, 2,000 strains in its portfolio, and 80 families of patents. The company focuses on utilizing trends to develop and test strains to demonstrate the scope of their innovation and technology.

Sun Chlorella announces new launch

The company launched the Japanese History Collection, a design change on the brand’s classic chlorella Udon noodles. A hand-painted package designs draws inspiration from different eras in Japanese history. With designs created by renowned painter Tamaju, the collection is available wholesale immediately and will be available to consumers in August.

Farmtiva INC offers hemp leaf juice nationwide

The company announced the nationwide offering of its raw, live, hemp leaf juice powder, sourced from its fields in California. JuiceTiva starts as fresh picked young hemp leaves and flowers, which is where the highest concentration of pure CBDa is found. The leaves and flowers are then cold-pressed into raw, live hemp juice, which is lyophilized in a proprietary process that enables JuiceTiva to retain bioavailable CBDa (~25mg. per 1 gram serving).

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