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Lycored will showcase a range of its super-stable red, orange, gold, and yellow hues and food ingredients at the IFT Expo in Chicago in July. Lycored offers sodium- and sugar-reduced products with cleaner ingredients. The company is showcasing its taste-enhancer, SANTE, at booth #S0625 with samples of plant-based meatballs. Lycored’s cast of super-stable colors including ResoluteRuby, ConstantCrimson, ResilientRed, SteadfastScarlet, OrangeOvation, GoldHold, and StellarYellow will also be center stage and on display at the booth.
In more company news, Lycored received a marketing award for its campaigns to inspire inclusive ideas of beauty, self-love, and wellness. The company was named Brand Team of the Year at the 2022 Drum Awards for Marketing. Lycored’s portfolio and marketing efforts include:

  • “Pops of Positivity,” which prompted users of Lycored’s littleglow app to complete weekly wellness activities delivered to their phones.
  • “Letters to a Stranger” campaign bridged the lockdown divide by encouraging people to write notes of support to those who needed it most.
  • The film “Pathfinder,” which athletes as they aimed to walk on a high wire underneath the Northern Lights in Norway. 

FruitSmart fiber ingredients have been awarded the Upcycled Food Association’s (UFA) new certification mark. Exhibiting at Booth #S4606 at IFT Expo 2022, the company will demonstrate how the fiber can be paired with other ingredients, such as protein. This can allow for dual or multiple health claims, as well as improving texture and mouthfeel.

Kerry launched its Kerry Discovery Hub online learning center for aspiring and growth-oriented entrepreneurs to learn about a variety of topics, including food and beverage industry topics and business growth. Kerry created the portal to deliver the latest trend information to startups and entrepreneurs. Topics range from plant-based innovations and consumer motivations, to integrating natural tastes, flavors, and functional ingredients in product formulations. The hub provides no-cost, leading-edge learning resources to support companies’ innovation and expansion decisions.

Gelita set the goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The company aims to cut its carbon dioxide emission use in half by 2030. It will do this through investment in modern technical infrastructure, innovative production processes, and an efficient energy supply and renewable energy. Projects include: the construction of a solar park at the Chicago plant and biomass-based steam generation at the Mococa site in Brazil, achieved in 2021. Gelita also is working to use water more sparingly and investing in wastewater treatment processes and facilities. 

Neutral Foods announced that its organic, pasture-raised milk is available in more than 370 Sprouts Farmers Market stores nationally and over 200 Target stores along the west coast. The company is also partnering with Imperfect Foods and Fresh Direct to offer its products via online grocery delivery. It is also available at Whole Foods Market stores nationally, at regional and independent grocers. UNFI and KeHE distribute the brand nationally. The brand will launch neutral pasture-raised butters in August. It also plans to continue to add top-tier retailers to more than double its year-over-year distribution point growth before 2023.

Millions of spray bottles are discarded every year. To help: JAWS, the Just Add Water System, announced a cleaning solution that reduces single-use plastic spray bottles. The company says it is powerful enough to clean high-traffic buildings, yet gentle on household surfaces without harmful ingredients.  Every JAWS refill Pod saves 83% of plastic versus traditional spray bottles. 

MycoTechnology Inc. has patented its mushroom mycelia fermentation platform. In a new study, published in Food Science and Technology, MycoTechnology’s FermentIQ PTP protein powder was found to deliver significantly better amino acid absorption. It is produced by mycelial fermentation of a pea and rice protein blend. The findings suggest that its protein could be as complete as animal proteins. The researchers, based at the University of Illinois and Cornell University, also found that transforming the plant-based proteins with MycoTechnology’s patented fermentation process enabled 99.9% of the protein consumed to be digested.  

TriNutra announced the publication of its study showing B’utyQuin’s ability to improve skin aging. Researchers conducted the randomized, placebo-controlled trial on men and women aged 35 to 65, of varying skin types. Participants received a standardized topical treatment containing 3% Nigella sativa seed oil (B’utyQuin) and a placebo cream. Participants used both products, one on each half of the face, and were evaluated at baseline and over 28 days. The findings: Topical application of a cream containing B’utyQuin improved hydration, elasticity, firmness, and luminosity in a statistically significant fashion.

Zinzino announced its HbA1c Test and Lifestyle Assessment. This at-home test includes a questionnaire about diet, exercise, and habits. It offers risk analysis, evaluation, an overall health score and personalized recommendations to maintain or improve health. The HbA1c Test and Lifestyle Assessment is available to order from Zinzino.

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