Nootropic Ingredients

AIDP, Inc. has added the Cognilipid portfolio of brands to its Nootropic ingredient portfolio. CogniPLUS is a proprietary branded complex of phospholipids including phosphatidylserine and phosphatidic acid with manufacturing and use patents
as well as several human clinical studies, focused on stress, memory, mood, and PMS symptoms. AIDP shared that CogniPLUS is supported by two human clinical studies for cognitive support, with participants recording higher memory, learning, association, and information gathering scores after 3 months and an improved quality of life. Participants in a premenstrual syndrome (PMS) study reported an average decrease of PMS symptoms by 19% over 4 menstrual cycles. CogniPS is a branded phosphatidylserine with a patent on its solvent free manufacturing process. CogniPA is a branded phosphatidic acid with a patent on its exclusive solvent-free manufacturing process. Both are synergistic lipid complexes specifically formulated for cognition support and performance.

AIDP is partnering with Lipogen Israel for this family of products.