Alkemist Labs Cuts Turnaround Time for Common Identity Tests


Garden Grove, CA—Alkemist Labs has announced a 20% shorter turnaround time for the most common identity tests they provide, according to a press release.

The two tests in question are routine HPTLC and Microscopy testing, the press release says. The turnaround time for these tests is now four days instead of five.

Elan Sudberg, CEO of Alkemist Labs, said in the release, “We know that rapid turnaround time for identity testing is the biggest need our clients have. While we were consistently delivering accurate results in five days, we know that one less day is an added advantage for our customers. In a climate of frequent consolidation and restructured labs that can adversely impact customer service, we’re proud to meet the needs of our clients.”

Dr. Toto Phoutthavantha, lab director, said in the release, “Optimizing the identity departments was an important focus during the development plans for the 2018 facility move, which laid the groundwork to decrease turnaround time. In 2018 we focused on intensive staff training, taking quality and safety in testing to an even higher level, and implementing lean efficiencies in production. We now have a solid foundation from which to keep this four-day commitment.”


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