Collagen Helps Patients with Joint Disorders

Murrieta, CA—A new study has found that a patented collagen ingredient improved mobility and pain in those with tendon and joint problems.

Some 15 individuals with joint damage were given 1,500–2,500 mg of collagen daily (as TendoGuard from Certified Nutraceuticals, based here); the collagen was types I, II, V and X isolated from avian eggshell membrane and sternum cartilage. After just a week, participants had a 30% increase in joint flexibility and after a month, the results were even more impressive: an 84% reduction in general pain, a 46% increase in flexibility and a 75% reduction in motion-related pain.

The researchers conclude, “This study demonstrates that TendoGuard may be a viable treatment option for the management of joint and connective tissue disorders.”

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2013 (online 10/23/13)