Eurofins Launches Non-GMO Identity Preservation Program

Brussels, Belgium—Eurofins has launched an updated version of its non-GMO Identity Preservation program Eurofins IP TRUST, according to a press release.

The program provides a set of requirements to be implemented and challenged through advanced analytical expertise in combination with assessment and auditing capabilities, the press release states. Compliance with the program ensures the non-GMO identity of products, while enabling genetically modified and non-genetically modified supply chains to coexist. It also ensures compliance with relevant regulations in markets around the world.

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The IP TRUST program is designed for all stakeholders of supply chains, and applicable to the food, feed, and pet food production industries. Technical requirements including sampling and testing strategies are based on expertise from Eurofins Genescan.

Eurofins IP TRUST “will increase buyers’ confidence in non-GMO productions, and will enable supply chains to coexist efficiently,” the press release states