Lycored Campaign Spreads Positivity & Nutrition

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Lycored announced that it is partnering with the Food Bank for Monterey County to spread positivity in communities throughout the U.S. with their “Letter to a Stranger” initiative. The campaign calls on industry professionals to write anonymous notes of encouragement, appreciation, and positivity that will be included with meals delivered to seniors and the homeless. For every “note of nourishment” that is written, Lycored will add fresh fruit or vegetables to a delivery.

For every “note of nourishment” that is written, Lycored will add fresh fruit or vegetables to a food delivery. * Courtesy of Lycored

“In these times, the nutrition industry has the potential to play an important role,” Golan Raz, Head of Lycored’s Global Health Division, said in a press release. “With many of us at home, we are checking in with ourselves and reflecting on the good things we have, what sustains us and what matters most. At the same time, we have a wonderful opportunity to find ways to reach across the quarantine divides. We can nourish our bonds and support others, physically, mentally and spiritually. We hope everyone can devote a little time to this small, simple, friendly task.”

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Zev Ziegler, Lycored’s Head of Global Brand & Marketing, Health, added: “In everything we do, Lycored is dedicated to nourishing, balancing and sustaining wellness, and to doing social good. They say a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet, and that’s never been more true. With so many of us currently isolated from each other, it’s important to find new ways to connect, even if only virtually. This is a time for people across the world to reflect on what joins us together and we want the whole industry to join us.”

Lycored partnered with, one of the largest food banks in California, for this campaign. The food bank is based in Monterey County, close to the farms where Lycored grows tomatoes for its range of natural wellness products.

Find out more about the initiative and how to submit a note of nourishment at