Resveratrol–Piperine Combo Improves Mitochondrial Capacity in Study

resveratol piperine

East Windsor, NJ—Could resveratrol positively affect exercise training? Yes, says new research from Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, especially if it is fortified with piperine. Piperine is said to boost resveratrol’s increase bioavailability and bioefficacy.

Researchers from the University of Georgia Department of Kinesiology in Athens, GA, worked with a group of 16 healthy young adults who either received a placebo or resveratrol (500 mg/day) plus a branded piperine (10 mg of BioPerine from Sabinsa Corp., based here). During the month-long trial, endurance training was completed three times per week on the nondominant arm and skeletal muscle mitochondrial capacity was analyzed. The researchers found that the resveratrol–piperine group increased about 40% from baseline, while the placebo group increased 10%. The mitochondrial capacity remained unchanged in the untrained arm for both groups.

“The study is especially significant for the general population who may be unable to perform high intensity exercise,” said Nagabhushanam Kalyanam, PhD, president of research and development at Sabinsa. “Functionally beneficial mitochondrial-performance is realized even with low intensity exercise with Resveratrol plus BioPerine supplementation.”

Published in WholeFoods Magazine Online, 6/22/16