Saw Palmetto Extract Supports Prostate Health in Study

Barcelona, Spain—New data published in Research and Reports in Urology suggest that a branded supercritical CO2 saw palmetto extract (Prosterol from Euromed) protects prostate health in an important way: it inhibits 5α-reductase (5AR) type II, as well as offers anti-inflammatory effects.

It is well established that 5AR inhibitors play a key role in prostatic health and may even help prevent prostate cancer.

In this in vitro study, the effects of saw palmetto extract were compared with those of Finasteride (i.e., a drug used to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH). The extract showed competitive binding toward the active site of the enzyme, the researchers found, and inhibited its production with a relatively small amount of the ingredient used. The drug caused a 63–75% inhibition of 5AR.

The researchers state, “It can be confirmed from the results of this study that [saw palmetto supercritical extract] has bioactivity that promotes prostate health at a level that is superior to that of many other phytotherapeutic extracts.”

Published On WholeFoods Magazine Online 5/25/16