Vitaquest Leasing New Manufacturing Site

West Caldwell, NJ—Vitaquest International announced in a press release that it has agreed to lease a new manufacturing site in Parsippany, NJ. The site will increase manufacturing, warehousing, product development and laboratory space by over 50%.

Manufacturing space in the new facility will be used to support multiple operations, the release says, including pharmacy, blending, encapsulation, and compression. Vitaquest expects the new facility to be staffed and operational by mid-2020.

Patrick Brueggman, CEO of Vitaquest, says that the expansion is motivated by recent growth. “Over the last several years, Vitaquest has grown at an exceptional pace as we have continued to build our business and provide our customers with the absolute best service available in the nutraceutical industry. We owe this success to our dedicated and hard-working employees who have shown time after time why Vitaquest is the most innovative and outstanding company in our industry. This is the most significant investment in the history of our company and testifies to the bright future that Vitaquest envisions for both our employees and our customers.”