Best Formulations Celebrates #30

City of Industry, CA—Best Formulations’ philosophy is “together we grow,” and growth has certainly been accomplished over its 30-year history.

Founded by Charlie Ung in 1984, the company was originally intended to provide formulation services and some specialty ingredients. But Eugene Ung, the company’s CEO and son of Mr. Ung, says the firm has grown by leaps and bounds since its founding, adding a manufacturing wing to the business as “it became more apparent to bring manufacturing in-house to control quality.” With an eye on evolving the company alongside the industry, the company has a history of upping its game. “Since we had an FDA 

Drug License prior to the GMPs being passed into law, we were already ahead of the curve,” says Ung. “Customers are also looking for unique dosage forms, different delivery methods, and comprehensive formulas, all of which our strong R&D team can help provide.”

Such response to customers is key, says Ung, and the firm will continue exploring further areas of growth such as new and unique dosage and delivery formats that will differentiate its clients. States Ung, “If our customer is successful, then we’re successful. Contract manufacturing is really a service, and we need to understand and anticipate what our customers need and deliver quality products.”

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, October 2014