IFT Visits the Big Easy

New Orleans, LA—More than 18,000 of the world’s top food science and technology professionals attended the 2014 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo, June 21–24, to learn about the latest food ingredient and technology developments. This year, IFT celebrated its 75th anniversary by featuring brand new exhibits and events such as Diamonds & Donations, an Interactive Timeline, the Innovation Center and the FutureFood 2050 program.

Doug Rauch, the former president of Trader Joe’s, was the keynote speaker at the event and shared his thoughts on how to feed the world with healthy, sustainably sourced meals. He addressed broader food science issues such as pressures on natural resources, shifting weather patterns and climate change impacts on agricultural production. In turn, these issues are projected to affect food production, distribution and transportation in the future.

In addition, the Beacon Lecturers this year were Jane Karuku, president of Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, and Hod Lipson, a Cornell University engineering professor. Similar to Rauch, the two speakers both brought a global perspective to their speeches and lectured about fascinating topics. Karuku shared potential solutions to improve global food security, while Lipson described what the future holds for 3D printing technology.

Company announcements from the show included:

TIC Gums showed off its new gluten-free Ticaloid GF 313 and sampled gluten-free cornbread made with the ingredient.

Beneo of Morris Plains, NJ, sampled new concepts such as an energy drink made with Palatinose and explained their offerings in the low-glycemic and digestive health categories.

Agropur Ingredients of La Crosse, WI, displayed its new egg white replacement ingredients.

Morristown, NJ-based PLT Health Solutions launched Benecarb Glycemic Balance Complex, a molasses-based ingredient filled with antioxidants, minerals and polyphenols.

Aiya America debuted its single-serve, portable Matcha tea.

SweetLeaf from Gilbert, AZ, showcased its product lines/ingredients including its liquids, extracts, blends and SugarLeaf, a baking product that combines SweetLeaf Stevia and cane sugar.

Maverick Innovations launched a range of provenance flavors that include: Scottish Raspberry, English Blackcurrant, Sicilian Lemon, Ecuadorian Passion Fruit and Brazilian Lime.

Dow launched the Director Services Food and Beverage Lab for helping customers develop new products on a small scale cost effectively.

Steviva Ingredients of Portland, OR, showcased a low-sugar fruit/nut bar made with Fructevia.

Glanbia Nutritionals of Fitchburg, WI, sampled an Energy Chia Smoothie made with its Energy Premix, BevGrad Chia and OptiSol 1061.

Bellingham, WA-based Sweet Green Fields launched Natrose I natural flavor to “enhance flavor and improve taste and mouth-feel, while reducing overall sweetener cost.”


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, August 2014