Wheat Protein Ingredients Certified Low FODMAP

Atchison, KS—MGP Ingredients has announced that its Arise wheat protein isolates have been certified as low FODMAP ingredients by Monash University.

FODMAPs are a group of carbohydrates that are not completely digested or absorbed in the small intestine, a press release explains. When they pass into the large intestine, they are rapidly fermented by gut bacteria and produce gas, causing abdominal discomfort and other gastrointestinal symptoms.

“MGP is committed to providing quality ingredients with research-backed attributes that food formulators can count on to address key consumer trends such as the current interest in digestive, or ‘gut’, health,” said Michael Buttshaw, VP of Ingredient Solutions Sales, Marketing and R&D. “We were able to achieve this important certification for our wheat protein isolate because of our proprietary process of protein purification. We are thrilled that Arise joins our Fibersym and FiberRite with low FODMAP certification.”

Fibersym and FiberRite were certified in 2020.

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“The high protein content and unique dough functionality of Arise can be used to increase the protein content of grain-based food products and to assist in low net-carb or keto-friendly formulations,” said Tanya Jeradechachai, VP of Ingredient Solutions R&D. “The products in the Arise line support extensibility and elasticity in dough-based systems and are ideal for a number of applications such as tortillas, pizza crusts, and flatbreads.”