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BGG World’s ApplePhenon Qualified as an Alkemist Assured Ingredient 

Irvine, CA—BGG World (BGG) announced that its ApplePhenon Apple Polyphenol ingredient (an extract from unripe apples with a high polyphenol content) has attained Alkemist...
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2022 Person of the Year: The Amazon.com Quality Activists

“Every step we take to represent consumer and independent retailer interests is rewarding.” —Karen Howard Each year, WholeFoods Magazine recognizes an individual or a group that...
Leadership Spotlight

Spotlight on Alkemist Assured from Alkemist Labs

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UDhsWQB40c Alkemist Labs, founded in 1997, is an established leader in botanical identity testing, phytochemical potency analysis, and contaminant screening, encompassing all herbs and fungi...