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Palm Oil Seed, Palm Oil, Oil Palm

Research Shows Tocotrienols from Palm Reduces Oxidative Stress and Neural Cell Damage

New research conducted by a group of researchers from Faculty of Medicine, International Islamic University Malaysia and Menoufia Medical School, Egypt demonstrates the potential...

Curcumin Shown to Improve Memory

Los Angeles, CA — There may be help for people suffering from memory problems. A new study, conducted at UCLA and published in The American...
NIH Brain Study Launches

NIH Seeks To Catalog Brain Cells

Bethesda, MD — The National Institutes of Health has launched a major effort to discover and catalog the brain’s “parts list.” The NIH’s Brain...
Vitamin Connection

A Better Understanding of Vitamin E

We have been chatting with Maret Traber, Ph.D., about her research on the basics of vitamin E function and now we can move on...
vitamin E

A Better Understanding of Vitamin E

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now followed through on the 2000 DRI for vitamin E that we have been discussing with...