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The Best Anti-Aging Supplement You Never Heard Of

The hottest story in anti-aging these days is the story of NAD. Now let’s be clear — none of us like to use the term...


Reviva Labs released their new Anti-Aging trio that includes the Peptide Facial Skin Prep which is made with trace minerals, hyaluronic acid, argireline and DMAE....
HABA trends

In Pursuit of Beauty

Personal care products are not always a breeze to sell. Shoppers need instructions for use (often custom for their lifestyle), products need to marry...

The Anti-Aging Angle

We have all been there. We look in the mirror and feel as though we aged 10 years in a matter of a few...

New Market Report Reveals Shopping Habits in the HABA Category

New York, NY—Shoppers are distrustful of chemicals and are shunning them in personal care products. Such are the findings from a new report from...