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Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum on Sugar Addiction at Expo East 2017

WholeFoods associate editor Sebastian Krawiec speaks with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum at the EuroPharma Booth to discuss the over-consumption of sugar and its consequences.

Cinnamon for Blood Sugar Support

Click to hear podcast The story of cinnamon as a nutritional supplement is an interesting one. I am always intrigued by the back story of...

Superfood Supplements

Genesis Today has added two new products to its liquid superfood supplement line. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar plus Blood Sugar Support and Organic Tart...

Microbes Matter in Blood Sugar Control

  There’s nothing sweet about out-of-control blood sugars. Yet billions across the globe struggle to steady the high numbers broadly labelled as diabetes. Diabetes, the Problem A...

Healthy Blood Sugar Levels Are the Key to a Healthier Life

The American Heart Association recommends no more than 24 grams of added sugar for women and 36 grams of added sugar for men daily.1...

Expo East 2016: Cheryl Myers, EuroPharma

Cheryl Myers, chief science and education officer for EuroPharma talks about Sucontral D, a new product for supporting healthy blood sugar.
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Target: Blood Sugar Health

Did you know that more than 29 million Americans have diabetes (1)? That’s more than 9% of the total population. The numbers climb every...
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Guilt Trip

As the WholeFoods team closes out this month’s issue, we are already setting up for our November coverage. In preparation, I’ve been researching a...
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Amino Acids: The Building Blocks of Life

Amino acids are biologically important organic compounds that are needed for energy, to digest food and to maintain optimal health. When joined in a...
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5 Things Manufacturers Should Know About Nerina Strawberries 

In summertime, fresh fruit like strawberries take center stage. The more flavorful, the better. But consumers want more than flavor from their summer berries....