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Your Brain on Gratitude

Your Brain on Gratitude

Why do so many books and articles implore us to strengthen our gratitude muscles? There’s more to it than the fact expressing thanks is...
NIH Brain Study Launches

NIH Seeks To Catalog Brain Cells

Bethesda, MD — The National Institutes of Health has launched a major effort to discover and catalog the brain’s “parts list.” The NIH’s Brain...

The Youthful Brain

Those of a certain age may remember the public-service announcement when an egg was cracked into a pan and fried with a voiceover stating:...

Supporting Cognitive Function with Magtein *Sponsored Content*

The brain is a complex organ. In one person’s lifetime, the brain processes billions of pieces of input from the outside world, and coordinates...
product profile

Product Profiles: Natural Factors 3 Brains™

Brain-related conditions cross all levels of society and one in five North Americans suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder at any given time....
brain health aged garlic

Supporting Brain Energy, Focus and Memory

Click to hear podcast Who couldn’t use better brain health? I remember many years ago the conventional wisdom was that you can’t do much about...