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2021 Food Co-op Report Showcases How Co-ops Drive Positive Change

Saint Paul, MN—National Co+op Grocers (NCG) has released its 2021 Food Co-op Impact Report. NCG, which joins together 148 food co-ops whose leaders work together to...
Mergers and Acquisitions

LesserEvil Adds R.E.D.D. Bars to Portfolio

Danbury, CT—Organic snack company LesserEvil announced its acquisition of R.E.D.D. Bar. The deal will permit the company to be competitive in the snack food...

Survey: Organic Certification Increases Land Value

Silver Spring, MD—What is the impact of organic certification on land value? Mercaris, along with partners including Croatan Institute, Laird Norton Company, Merge Organics, Midwestern...