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Terminalia bellerica

T. bellerica Reduces Uric Acid in Study

New Brunswick, NJ–When the body breaks down purines, it creates uric acid in the process. In most healthy people, this chemical is excreted in...
immune cells

Tongkat Ali Affects Immune System in Study

Bradenton, FL—A standardized tongkat ali (TA) supplement supports healthy immunomodulation, according to new research lead by a team from Biotropics Malaysia. The month-long study involved...
tart cherry

Athletic Performance Boosted by Tart Cherry

Irvine, CA—Can tart cherry reduce athletic performance and muscle soreness after exercise? Yes, according to new research published in the Journal of the International...
Terminalia Chebula

Branded Ingredient Relieves Joint Pain in Study

New Brunswick, NJ—New research published in the Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research suggests a branded Terminalia chebula extract (Natreon’s AyuFlex) supports joint...