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7 Challenges Impacting Independent Retailers & Solutions to Win in 2023

Challenge 1: Rising cost of doing business “Increasing costs of doing business are disrupting the entire retail supply chain,” reports Joe Tarnowski, VP of Thought...
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Survey: Inflation’s Impact on Grocery Shopping

Increasingly, U.S. consumers are cutting back on their grocery shopping as a result of inflation. That's the finding of a survey commissioned by specialist PR consultancy...
Fruits and Vegetables at City Market in Riga

Report: Inflation Hits Organic Fresh Produce in Q3

Monterey, CA—Ongoing inflation is impacting organic. Retail prices of organic fresh produce increased during the third quarter of 2022, generating a 4.1% increase in...
Fruits and Vegetables at City Market in Riga

Q2 Report: Inflation Hits Organic Produce

Monterey, CA– Total organic fresh produce sales increased during Q2 2022, according to the Organic Produce Performance Report issued by the Organic Produce Network...