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The Science of Vitamin C Research on Optimizing Blood and Cellular Levels

Recent columns have focused on our expanded knowledge of vitamin C’s health benefits. The over-riding message has been, “Vitamin C is helpful, in higher...

Listen: Beneficial Mushrooms Nourish and Support All Body Systems

Click to Hear Podcast Mushrooms have been used as food and medicine for thousands of years. We now live in a time when we all...

Listen: Is CBD Oil a Drug or Nutrient? Or Both?

Click to Hear Podcast There is a great deal of excitement over CBD Oil. With good reason. It’s safe and effective for everyday use by...

Vitamin C Update: What Is the RDA and How Much Is Best For You?

We began our series on Vitamin C with a brief overview of the history of vitamin C and its health benefits. Now let’s discuss...

Oral High-Dose Vitamin C for Major Diseases

Recent columns have discussed the history of vitamin C supplementation, time-proven uses of vitamin C and recent vitamin C research. Many ask whether high...

At Expo East 2017 with Jim Emme, CEO, NOW Foods

WholeFoods editor-in-chief Laurie Petersen talks to NOW CEO Jim Emme at Natural Product Expo East 2017 about the company's 50th Anniversary and its goals.

At Expo East 2017 with Cheryl Myers of EuroPharma

WholeFoods editor-in-chief Laurie Petersen talks to Cheryl Myers at the EuroPharma booth at Natural Products Expo East 2017.

Dr. Majeed of Sabinsa Discusses Quality Assurance and Philanthropy

WholeFoods Magazine published Heather Wainer interviews Dr. Muhammed Majeed, founder of Sabinsa Corporation.

Sylvain Dufour of Fruit d’Or Talks Cranberry, Research and Purity

WholeFoods Magazine publisher Heather Wainer interviews Sylvain Dufour, VP of sales and marketing for Fruit d'Or.

Expo East 2016: Cheryl Myers, EuroPharma

Cheryl Myers, chief science and education officer for EuroPharma talks about Sucontral D, a new product for supporting healthy blood sugar.