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The Future of Food

You may want to stop all chatter for the next 10 seconds, because if you allow the reality of the next sentence to sink,...

3 Things You Need to Know About Nutrient Deficiency with Specialty Diets

Specialty Diets usually go like this: 1) Pain / Symptoms 2) Diagnoses 3) Food Changes (a.k.a. Specialty Diet) 4) Nutritional Deficiencies… often never corrected to 100% and...

5 Detox Suggestions Specific to Food-Related Disorders

“How often should I do a detox?” My answer, pre-gluten-free: “Twice a year is good, quarterly is better, plus a monthly all-green juice day.” …that was...
What the Health

What the Health, What the $#@%

If you’ve seen the documentary “What the Health” on Netflix about the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industries, you probably found yourself saying “What the...