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Fallopia japonica or Japanese knotweed. Branch with green leaves and white flowers

In Lab Study, Ethnobotanical Meds Effective Against Bacterium That Causes Lyme

Note: The headline of this article has been updated to clarify that, in a lab study, ethnobotanical medicine was shown to be effective against...
Probiotics gut health

The 4 Key Habits + Herbs to Revive Gut Health When Battling Chronic Illness

Diet-related advice is always the first thing you hear when it comes to overcoming any sort of gut issue. That’s true whether you’re trying...

Dr. Cass Ingram Discusses Ticks and Protec-X *Sponsored Content*

Tick season is upon us and therefore the risk of contracting Lyme Disease is elevated. Dr. Ingram talks about his personal struggles with the...