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Who’s Who 2016

Just like the body needs high-quality nutrients to function at its best, the mind and soul need inspiration. To me, inspiration is the single most...
Raw Materials

Raw Material World

Consumers demand a great deal of their supplements these days, which places pressure on raw materials suppliers and ingredient manufacturers. The products lining your...

NewsBriefs: October 2016

Washington, D.C.-based the Council for Responsible Nutrition was an exhibiting sponsor at #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us, a conference that brings together women bloggers. The...

Agreement Reached in Astaxanthin Trademark Dispute

Fort Lauderdale, FL; Irvine, CA—Astaxanthin suppliers ArcticFarma and BGG have settled a trademark infringement issue that is leading to the rebranding of BGG’s algae...

NewsBriefs: September 2016

Pacific Pioneer Brokerage of Cypress, CA, now represents UP4 Probiotics. Bloomingdale, IL-based NOW Foods will donate more than $100,000 in funding and vitamin D supplements...

FDA Releases Draft Guidance for NDI Notification

FDA Releases Draft Guidance for NDI Notification The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a long-awaited revised draft guidance on Aug. 11 seeking to clarify...
Supplier Briefs

Supplier Briefs: August 2016

Probi USA Inc. has acquired Nutraceutix of Redmond, WA, for $105 million. Tim Gamble, CEO of Nutraceutix, said in a press statement, “With highly...

NewsBriefs: July 2016

The Clorox Co. has purchased digestive health specialist Renew Life of Palm Harbor, FL, for $290 million. Whole Foods Market of Austin, TX, recently opened...
Supplier Briefs

Supplier Briefs: July 2016

Algae Life Sciences, Inc., a subsidiary of BGG, of Irvine, CA, now has 239 structure­–function claims allowable by FDA for its AstaZine Natural Astaxanthin....
Company Profiles

RidgeCrest Herbals, Inc.

Company Description RidgeCrest Herbals was founded in 1986 and is operated in the valley of Salt Lake City, UT. From founders to current employees, RidgeCrest...