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Wakunaga of America, Co., Ltd.

Company Description The corporate philosophy of Wakunaga is a commitment to research and a mission to serve public health. This mission is accomplished by providing...
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Xlear Inc.

Company Description Overview. Since its inception over 15 years ago, Xlear Inc. (pronounced “clear”) has been recognized as the leading manufacturer of xylitol-based products in...
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Pharmachem Laboratories Inc.

Company Description As a result of numerous strategic acquisitions, Pharmachem Laboratories has become a vertically integrated company capable of adding value to ingredients at every...
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Company Description NOW’s values and mission have stayed very much aligned with those of its main customers, independent health food retailers, since the company was...
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Domino Specialty Ingredients

Company Description Domino Specialty Ingredients offers essential ingredients for good food. The company’s quality ingredients include sweeteners that offer our customers real solutions such as...
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Ardent Mills

Company Description Ardent Mills, a premier flour-milling and ingredient company, offers the industry’s broadest range of traditional and organic flours, whole grains, customized blends and...
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Company Description Algalife Icelandic Astaxanthin is a daily use anti-aging powerhouse packed with more antioxidants than any other plant, fruit or natural vitamin. Cultivated with...
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America’s Finest, Inc.

Company Description America’s Finest, Inc. offers two complementary lines of dietary supplements: AFI bioactive ingredient dietary supplements and Sanutra Wellness healthy condition dietary supplements. These...