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Citrus Essential Oils Market Projected to Grow

An analysis by Fact.MR found that citrus essential oil sales increased by over 3000 tons in 2018, thanks in large part to...
Gianna Bruzzese VeganbyGianna

Meet Gianna, Gen Z and Vegan Influencer

Gianna Bruzzese, 21, is a senior at Rutgers University, and creator of the Instagram @veganbygianna where she has 9,040 followers and a companion blog...

A Look Inside the Millennial Mind

Brands and retailers know millennial dollars are important to capture to ensure the future of the enterprise. According to The Brookings Institution, their generation...

2018 Forecast: Where Opportunity Knocks

Diane Ray, VP, strategic innovation, NMI (Natural Marketing Institute), Harleysville, PA, shares her thoughts on where the opportunity lies in the coming year. Boomers control...

What Women Think About Their Wellness

What do women think about their health and wellness? Everyday Health.com did a survey to get some fresh perspectives and the leading wellness priority...
Personal Care product transparency

Data Shows Consumers Will Pay For Personal Care Transparency

By Kira Karapetian, Vice President of Marketing, Label Insight The modern consumer is tech-savvy, health, environmentally and socially conscious, and connected to countless, intersecting online...

Millennial Parents Linked to Organic Sales Explosion

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As millennials enter their parenting years, the impact on the nearly $50 billion organic market could be transformative. “Exciting times lie ahead...
Food Labels, Allergies, Food Allergy

What Is Natural Anyway? How Confusion Sparked a Healthy Change in Product Labeling

By Andrew Mandzy, Director of Strategic Insights, Nielsen, and Ronak Sheth, Chief Customer Officer, Label Insight Over the last several years, consumers have demonstrated that...
consumer survey

Three Takeaways from the CRN Consumer Survey

Nancy Weindruch, senior director, communications for the Council for Responsible Nutrition discusses the main takeaways from this year's consumer survey.
alternative medicine

NIH: U.S. Shoppers Spend $30.2B on Complementary Health

Bethesda, MD—New analysis from the National Institutes of Health suggests Americans aren’t shying away from spending their money on complementary health techniques. According to nationwide...