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Goldman Sachs Invests in Pea Milk Startup Ripple Foods

The investment in plant-based protein continues. Ripple Foods Inc., a two-year old beverage company that makes a milk-like drink from yellow peas, has received a...

Cultured Dairy Alternatives

Kite Hill is the only company to use traditional dairy-making techniques with a fresh almond milk base to make a variety of products such...
probiotic flaxmilk

Probiotic Flaxmilk

Good Karma Foods now offers a line of cultured flaxmilk beverages with probiotics. This non-dairy drinkable “yogurt” combines probiotics, omega-3s (1,200 mg) and plant-based...
greek yogurt

Greek Yogurt

New Greek-style yogurt from Daiya offers a vegan, dairy-free alternative to conventional Greek yogurt. Yogurts are also free of gluten and soy. The company...