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Market Analysis Finds Personal Care Market on Upward Trajectory

London, UK—A market analysis by Ecovia Intelligence found that the North American market for natural and organic personal care products is continuing its positive...

2018 Natural Choice Awards

There’s something truly special about a Natural Choice Award. The honorees in all 18 categories are selected by retailers who choose the products that...
Personal Care product transparency

Data Shows Consumers Will Pay For Personal Care Transparency

By Kira Karapetian, Vice President of Marketing, Label Insight The modern consumer is tech-savvy, health, environmentally and socially conscious, and connected to countless, intersecting online...
personal care

Natural Cosmetics Masterclass to Take Place in San Francisco

London, England—In response to the growing demand for natural and organic products, a Natural Cosmetics Masterclass will be hosted by Organic Monitor in San...

Environmental Working Group Verified Program Expands

Washington, D.C.—As of June 2016, the Environmental Working Group EWG Verified program expanded to 252 products including lipsticks and glosses, blushes, eye makeup, skin care...

FTC: Companies Misrepresented “Natural” Products

Washington, D.C.—The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is crying foul on four personal care companies that supposedly misrepresented products with man-made ingredients as “All-Natural” or “100%...