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Study: People on Rx Sleeping Pills May Sleep through Fire Alarm

Half the participants in a study investigating the main class of prescription sleeping pills, which includes Ambien and Halcion, slept through a fire alarm--but...

Sleep Support

Mt. Angel Vitamins introduced its new Sleepy Sleep dietary supplement made from Chamomile, Flowers, Hops and Passionflower. The vegetarian capsules contain melatonin to help...

Sleep Fragrance

Aromaflage Botanical Sleep Fragrance (10 mL) offers the fragrances of French Lavender, Brazilian Rose and Madagascar Vanilla with function. The combination is said to...
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Product Profiles: Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation

Q: Can’t sleep? What are some of the causes for sleeplessness? A: Twisting and turning at night is a struggle. There is nothing worse than...
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Sleep Cycle Support

Everyone has different sleeping habits, but an irregular sleep cycle can be a problem, as it negatively affects your mood, productivity and immune system....